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Hello from Manila, Need Your Advise

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Hello from Manila, Need Your Advise

Hi, I am Noy and I reside in the Philippines, south of Makati, the principal business district.

This is a new found hobby. I am very much a newbie and have enjoyed reading the exchange of ideas, tips, etc.

Since getting hooked on this hobby early this year, I have been trying to bake the Best Baguette this side of the equator. I am almost there (I think; well, my family agrees) but I need advise on degassing. Reinhart says to degas minimally but in the Julia Child PBS video, her guest was vigorously tapping the dough flat and really letting out the trapped gas. Yet, the crumbs were plentiful and looked good.

What's best practice? I would appreciate your advise. Thanks.


bc's picture

Hi Noy,

I visited Manila and Makati years ago. Had a good time.

As for degassing your breads, do the minimum. You have to shape the loaves, but try to degas as little as possible. That is my advice. You may receive other advice. If so, try it both ways and see what you like better.

Best wishes,


Noy's picture

Thanks bc, I seem to have better results with a bit more degassing than if done minimally. The bread appears to have better tension too.

Of late though, as I read more of Reinhart, I've been degassing minimally and observed that the bread needs more tension. I don't know if these 2 are related, so yes, will keep trying.

Good to know you've visited us and had an enjoyable stay.



Mitch's picture

hi noy. i am from manila too.

if you prefer big "holes" in your baguette, then you should degass minimally. the decision is actually up to you--if you like denser breads, then you should do a bit more degassing.

when you talk about tension--are you referring to the tightness of the bread during shaping?

i would love to help you with your new found hobby. i've been baking breads for over 3 years now.

hope we can get in touch soon.