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Confused re proofing/fermenting

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C B Findlay

Confused re proofing/fermenting

Trying to make my sourdough more sour, trying to take in all of the forum posts on the topic. I'm confused on one thing in particular - I read that cold helps the more sour bacteria and a couple of folks recommended an overnight  proof   in the fridge. But though my starter iisn't producing very sour bread is it rising loaves ferociously and I keep overproofing them. Wouldn't an overnight bulk ferment in the fridge accomplish the same thing, and then I can shape right out of the fridge, then proof/let warm, then bake? I'd rather proof them when I can keep an eye on them.

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Yes, it works.  I do it all of the time but I let my dough warm up for a couple of hours before shaping and proofing in the morning.  A warm up time makes the dough easier to handle.

 In the evening, after mixing the dough, I let it sit out at room temp. for a couple of hours too.  When the dough has risen about 25% it gets S&F and put into the refrig. for the night.

If you want to try the proofing method just decrease the amount of sourdough you use in your loaf.  Less sd = longer to rise = a more sour flavor.

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Using a firmer starter helps too. From what I now, starters made with less water have a more sour taste than those made with more water (a 100% water/flour ratio). The latter produces a more milky less sour, yogurt-like taste.