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Cheers From Central VA

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Cheers From Central VA

Hello All, 

I have just started baking my own bread. I have been on a quest to make the perfect pizza for a while (I'm getting pretty good). I also Homebrew beer, the concept of sourdough is fascinating to me (it is also referenced a lot in the discussion of wild yeast fermented beers).  I have started my own starter, and made a couple of loaves with it.  I'm following a lot of the info in Reinheart's Bread Bakers Aprentice

thanks in advance for all of the help!


Cheers, Cranny

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Welcome aboard.  Lots of good folks here who know their stuff. 

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bread and beer have a lot in common, grains and yeast. Also time and temperature is key in both. 


The pic is my latest pizza and my American Amber Ale

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bread baker's apprentice is definitely a great place to learn some technique and basics to fermentation and ingredients. Welcome!