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cinnamon scented starter and chocolatey perfumed bread

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cinnamon scented starter and chocolatey perfumed bread

my starter has a faint cinnamon aroma to it. its interesting. i baked with it yesterday,today and my bread smells kinda like brownies. i dont know if its a craving for brownies or if it actually smells like that. its cooling now so ill be able to cut into it in about and hour or so.  i used the dutch oven method of baking and as far as i know brownies have not been made in it recently,its a family heirloom. its a fairly standard ww sd with an overnight refridgerator retard. this is my second ww sd boule like shaped loaf ive made so i dont know if this is normal.  

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Mini Oven

Sometimes as I page thru the site, I often smell bread baking or during a bake smell other baked goods.  

A memory trigger of cinnamon toast or caramel rolls can often pop up without cinnamon actually being there.  I know I'm not the only one that drools over baked goodies on the computer.  Cinnamon is especially tied to childhood memories and comfort food and baking.  Mention chocolate and cherries in the same sentence and I can smell black forest cake complete with chocolate butter frosting.  Aromas are also complicated and often a blend.  (I sure wish my dirty laundry smelled like cinnamon or brownies.)  If one of the components exists, the mind can fill in the memory gaps to create a complete "picture."  I do once in a while check my cupboard to see if any tops are loose or some extract is tipped over.  Eat a piece of cinnamon toast and then see if the starter still smells of cinnamon.  

Maybe your body is craving the trace minerals found in cinnamon or chocolate so give yourself a good dose.  I can legitimize that.  Go for it.  My mother always found my cravings interesting, she would look the food up and actually find out I needed some odd vitamin or mineral.  Especially if I was recovering from a cold or something.  

Or there might be a scented candle, hand soap nearby or scented oil.   I even notice my washing up soap scent tends to change with the seasons.

Normal?  Sure it's normal, enjoy!

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What is the starter made of ?


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jeff, my starter is just water and brm whole wheat flour. i        jthkdj      made some hot chocolate yesterday and  put some cinnamon in it an  d it was really satisfying. im g  oing to have to listen tomy body mhthekore often