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Ciabatta with Jason's recipe

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Ciabatta with Jason's recipe

Hi everybody.I had a try on ciabatta the day before yesterday. I use the recipe from Jason's recipe and follow some procedures of txfarmer's blog. I made some adjustments to the  process. 

Here are the adjustments:

1.After mixing with my KitchenAid mixer, I made 3 stretch and fold at 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes.

2.After stretch and fold, I kept the dough into the refridgerator overnight. 

Here is the recipe:

500g bread flour 

475g (~2 cups) water

2 tsp. yeast 

15g salt


The crumb is quite satisfying. The  nice pattern of big and small holes made me surprise. However, there's a serious problem in the crust. My oven is a small electricity oven, about 40L. The distance between the upper and lower heat lamp is short. The upper heat lamp is too close to the  dough and I have to preheat the oven to a rather high temperature. Only 10 minutes in the oven, the top of the suface starts to caramalize while the inner part is raw. How can I deal with this problem? Is there any solution? I'm wondering putting the dough into the preheated dutch oven, but it's a big challenge for me to transfer a dough with such high dehydration into a hot pot. Any tips will be appreciated. Thx! 


Ciabatta with Mushroom

I saw mushroom ciabatta in the Bread Bakers Apprentice. I like mushroom. So I try to add some mushroom to the ciabatta. It's based on the Jason's recipe. Fresh Mushroom is fried with salt, garlic and black pepper. Keep the sauce from the fried mushroom and replace the same amount water with it. 


250g bread flour

235g water(I replace 70g water with the sauce from mushroom)

7.5g salt(Because I add some salt into the mushroom, I reduce the amount of salt.)

1tsp yeast

Precedures are almost the same with Jason's, but i put the dough into refridgerator after bulk fermentation and warm it the next day.

My secret to deal with the sticky dough is olive oil and scraper. I greased my hand with olive oil and fold the mushroom into the dough at the beginning. Everything went so well until i tried to turn over my dough. An accident happened, the dough was over stretched.

This time I took Lloyd's advice cover the dough with aluminum foil at the first 10 minute during baking. Despite the shape looks a little strange,  the crust looks so good this time.Thanks Lloyd!

This ciabatta has a crunchy crust and crumb with delicious mushroom. My bf and I ate the whole loaf at supper. I made some homemade green curry shrimp. The spicy green curry matched the ciabatta so well!



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worked beautifully.  We love dark thick crunchy crusts and your looks just like it.  The crumb is very open too.

Nice baking and Happy New Year.

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I feel much better when i see your reply. I put a piece of  parchment paper under the dough and take it out  10 minutes later. I also use a baking stone but the bottom crust seems pale. The color of the top is getting dark so fast. I have to take the dough out in case the top is overbaking. 

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Your bread is beautiful but you can see that the bottom crust is pale and top crust perfect. 

You might try putting your dough into a cold duch oven, since a preheated one is a problem for you. Baking will take longer. Or you could try covering the dough with aluminum foil. Another possibility is to flip the bread over half way through the bake, but that might crush the delicate bread. 

Good luck


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Thank you for your appreciation. Very useful advice! I'm going to make a mushroom ciabatta today. The same recipe, but I fold some cooked mushrooms in the dough. I'm going to  the aluminum foil method tonight.

Thanks Lloyd!  

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Song Of The Baker

Funny, the first bread that I was going to try baking was Jason's Ciabatta recipe back in July. I never did get around to trying it but now seeing your post, I will put it up on my priority list of bakes! The crumb you achieved makes me want a slice right now, topped with Genoa salami. Dang.


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I'm glad you like it. Just give a try! I follow a video from youtube, which is very practical. It's called "That's alotta Ciabatta! Start to Finish." I learn a lot of skills about dealing with sticky dough. Maybe you can shape the dough into a pizza and top with salami. It sounds yummy!

Wish you success!