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My son's first sourdough bread

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My son's first sourdough bread

I can't help it. I'm so proud of my son's first bread. A month ago, I visited them for Thanksgiving and left him with some of my sourdough starter. I baked once while there, with Joel watching. Yesterday, he made his first on his own San Joaquin Sourdough.

I aske Joel how it tasted. He said, "Kind of like yours. Great."

Not too shabby, eh?

It's not quite like having another grandchild, but sort of like. 



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Like father like son.  I can see from that beautiful crumb structure he has had a great teacher.  You must be very proud.  

Season's greetings to you David,


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Clearly talent for baking is a heritable trait. Watch out....soon the Padawan shall surpass the Master.

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got plenty of practice......not that he needs any with such good baking inherited genes.   I'm sure your fine bagel baking grand kids helped their daddy too!

Happy New Year David, 

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I'm proud, too.

Soon, TFL will be crawling with Snyders!


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You are deservedly proud!  There's a special feeling we get as parents when our children succeed, especially if it's something at which we are particularly passionate. And you know what they say, give a man a loaf of bread and he can eat for a day, but teach him how bake . . . .

Wishing all a happy and healthy New Year.


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For the kind words and good wishes.

A happy New Year to you all!

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Hi David - Happy New Year :^)
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
Beautiful, beautiful crumb - just like your loaves.
:^) breadsong