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any ideas

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any ideas

Good morning

Compliment of the season to all of you. thnaks for the forum and the posts it helped me a lot. 

I have now moved into a small unit to continue with my small bakery busiess goal. It is very cahllening and rather scary, I will tell it all at a different time. I have  a Iraqi friend who has decided to come and help with general dogs body stuff in the place but he surprised me when he asked if he could have some dough to make some Iraqi bread called samoon. well I never, he shapes then like perfect baguettes, I am envious about his technique. It is so true , never judge a book by it's cover. I want to learn more about samoon and Iraiq bread Nuri is limited with his english language and cannot explain much to me. I have researched the ionternet and seem to think that there is a real growth in Iraqi bread happening in the USA following the exposure of the tropps to the culture. 

does anyone have any idea how i can learn more, I do off course leantrn from Nuri . I  just want to add that Nuri is part of the motivation for me stari ng my small enterprise , empowering myself and others to find a income. He is  marketing his samoon at the local mosque which he attends and the Iraqi and Yemeni community around wher the unit is. 

What surprise me is how excited the people are who come and see the samoon that he s bakes and how they buy ten or more at time from him. 

I think he may be on to something good and that it is worth spending time learnig about it to introduce it as a line of business for him

I use the same formula that I use for my South african vetkoek which is almost like a ciabatta dough anmd it seems to satisfy his idea of how his mother made her dough in Iraq. 

I hope and look forward to any suggestions, help and idesa fro everyoen. 

Thank you in advance for helping as always I know it is going to be good. 

Have a great day 


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Why don't you and he go into partnership? If the people like and are buying what he's selling you two are on the right road, you don't need him as competition.

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Hi Laurentia

Thanks for the suggestions. I  do intend to work  with Nuri we  are  a good partnership together and I  think making inroads into the Arab immigrants community  will be a good  business idea

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Sounds like a good idea Bertie. Good luck with your business and HAPPY NEW YEAR!