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Pain au Levain

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Pain au Levain

A neighbor and I have a 15 year old tradition of exchanging baked goods at this time of year. His wife always bakes a delicious rum and nutmeg-flavored cake, and I give them a loaf of bread. This year, my gift was a 1.5 kg loaf of Hamelman's pain au levain. 

They say "fences make good neighbors," but I think exchange of fresh-baked goodies does too.

Crumb photo of the other loaf

Happy holidays to you all!



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Happy New Year to  you, David.

Lovely loaves and great color; one of my favorite formulas to bake.  

Hope the cake is as good as the bread!

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Song Of The Baker

Happy holidays to you David.

Lucky neighbour!


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What a gorgeous loaf for your neighbors!  

To my surprise this year.  I received a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates from my neighbor who always get some of my fresh baking.  Baking does keep the neighbors very happy.

The very best to you and yours for the New Year!


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this bread is exactly what pain should feel and look like :-)

Nice baking and Happy New Year David!

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Debra Wink

Hamelman's Pain au Levain just might be my all time favorite sourdough bread. Especially nice for gifting :-)

Happy Holidays!

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I see your skills have, far from diminishing, only increased since I last visited. I am in awe. Simply beautiful.

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It's great to see you back on TFL! Stick around. Show us what you're baking these days.


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Just stellar, David..  Beautiful!! Crumb looks delicious!

Happy holidays!