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The State of California moves to shut down the SFBI!

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The State of California moves to shut down the SFBI!

I just got this e-mail from Michel Suas.

To All SFBI Family Members,

I know Christmas and the holidays decoration are red, guess what we got?!! 

Red Tape from Sacramento!

Yea, according to the Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education our SFBI program is not approved by them or up to the standard making me a "Public Offender". So we have to shut down the school until they review our program and services we offer. I am so much in disbelief that I don't want to fight for it. I already gave so much SFBI; my frustration is over the limit of my generosity

If you believe SFBI was important for you email me the reasons why we should stay open that could make the Bureau change their minds. Since they ordered to shut down our webpage please cc the email to, in case they can get SFBI email. Whatever the outcome I get, the best time was running SFBI and seeing the joy of the people attending the classes and some evolution in the industry with great products.

Thank you for your support it was a fun "rise"!

Best Regards and Happy Red Holiday!

Michel Suas

Owner and Founder



I think this is pretty outrageous, on the surface, but I have no idea what the standards are that may not have been met. I suspect it's simply that Michel never sought certification by the State. But he's been at this for over 25 years! Why now?



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Yup, agreed.  I just sent Michel a note asking that if at any point TFL members can be of service writing letters of support or bringing attention to his situation to please let us know.


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Oh, jeez!  I've looked through the idiotic law they've concocted, and, frankly, closing the shop does not look like such a bad idea.

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but I'm not sure it will do little if any good and certainly won't solve SFBI's real problem.

The problem is that the folks in CA elected their state and local representatives by overwhelming majorities and these are the very same representatives who wrote this law.  These representatives are doing exactly what they were elected to do - pass this law and so many just like it.  It is SFBI friends, neighbors and fellow Californians in the vast majority, that want laws, just like this one, enacted whenever there is an opportunity to do so - and they will continue to do so.

It is a free country and, as a libertarian, I want all Americans to live where they want, get what they want and vote for, if in the majority like the people in CA.  It is their right to rule; elect folks and enact laws as they see fit - period.  But, that doesn't mean the folks at SFBI have to live that way either.

We would love to have the SFBI located in the Phoenix Metro Area and be overjoyed if would happen in the future.  There are many here who would help make this happen.  Why should SBFI suffer at the hands of those who are duly elected and pass these despotic, onerous laws, insane taxes and business regulations?  Do you really think SFBI's friends and neighbors will stop electing representatives who will no longer think these laws are necessary and required?  Things will only get worse and never better for the folks at  SFBI, as long as, they are located in CA.   The only reason this  horrible effect can make any any sense at all is if SFBI is not appreciated or just outright hated by their government and the folks that elected it. Who needs friends like those?

Come on over to the other side of the border where you can have a decent and respected family business that is allowed to be successful and profitable for the owners, employees and students.  Where you can grow your dreams rather than have them squelched and squandered by the thoughts and deeds of insane others.  You don't have to live under the oppression of your current slave masters who will never ever change - no not ever.

There is a better way.   Move and be free again - just as so many other CA business owners and their employees have realized!


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Hi suave

I know this is an old post, but I came across it in persuit of other things and I was struck by your comment that 'frankly, closing the shop does not look like such a bad idea'.

Keeping an open mind, I was curious to read the legislation. The link you provided does not get me there. Is there another link or could you tell me what I need to search for to read the appropriate CA legislation?

Thank you


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I sure hope they don't close, it would be a shame to lose a good baking school.

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Looks like in attempt to protect students, California is going to shut down a great baking school.  Only larger schools can afford to do the paper work and manage the fees imposed by this law.  It would be a shame if SFBI closes.

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sue cardiff

I love this forum and the wonderful bakers who post here, but the truth is that the majority of the people living in California have voted in the government that comes up with these atrocious regulations, and these same people continue to support them year after year. I have purchased several items from SFBI over the years and hope they are allowed to continue their programs for many years. But until Californians throw out these bureaucrats, they will have to live with the consequences.

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from the BBGA - a link to the full story.

When the whole thing is laid out - not as bad as it seemed (although it would have been a shame if SFBI got shut down...)


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Thanks, Pat.  Interesting article, though I'm not sure everyone is going to "live happily ever after" given the drastic change in curriculum, even if only temporarily.

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it will not be as easy a glib reporter would like to make it, but it does give SFBI some operating space, has brought the school and its value to front of mind for many people, and has shown some people with influence (I am sure) how fragile some good things really are.

While no one would ever confuse me with a dewy eyed optimist - this could be something very positive in the long run.  It depends now on the community of bakers to "make it so..."