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News from founder of SFBI

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News from founder of SFBI

Hello all

You may already have received this email from Michel Suas, the founder of SFBI, but just in case you didn't, it's copied below. SFBI has run into a bureaucratic brick wall and may have to shut down. We could help by sending some messages of support. I personally have not taken any classes, but I had plans to do so in the future, and I have found their textbook to be an excellent resource. I hope we can all throw our voices behind them.


To All SFBI Family Members,


I know Christmas and the holidays decoration are red, guess what we got?!! 


Red Tape from Sacramento! 


Yea, according to the Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education our SFBI program is not approved by them or up to the standard making me a "Public Offender". So we have to shut down the school until they review our program and services we offer. I am so much in disbelief that I don't want to fight for it. I already gave so much SFBI; my frustration is over the limit of my generosity. 


If you believe SFBI was important for you email me the reasons why we should stay open that could make the Bureau change their minds. Since they ordered to shut down our webpage please cc the email to Michel(at), in case they can get SFBI email. Whatever the outcome I get, the best time was running SFBI and seeing the joy of the people attending the classes and some evolution in the industry with great products.


Thank you for your support it was a fun "rise"!

Best Regards and Happy Red Holiday!


Michel Suas

Owner and Founder


PS. Someone was right 2012 was the end of the world for me!! 

The San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI) is a world-renowned leader in artisan bread and pastry education. SFBI's global alumni include thousands of professionals and enthusiasts. We also consult to top domestic and international bakeries. Experts praise us for raising the standard of bread and pastry education. Critics have hailed our book, Advanced Bread and Pastry, as the authoritative textbook in the field.

SFBI offers a unique and invaluable educational experience. We're the only school in the United States dedicated exclusively to artisan baking. Our faculty and staff are experts in thier field as professionals, consultants, and educators. Students receive hands-on, "real-world" experience with the latest baking equipment and technology, along with an understanding of artisan baking techniques and values. Graduates of our professional program can learn about all aspects of operating a retail bakery through internships in our student bakery, Thorough Bread and Pastry.

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I've just forwarded the information to my own governor, Rick Snyder, with the suggestion an invitation be given to relocate the baking institute to Michigan, coupled with some nice financial incentives.  Maybe Ann Arbor?  

We may not have all that sunshine, but we sure have a better atmosphere for business.

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What a mess.  I hope they straighten things out quickly.  

I just sent Michel a note asking if at any point there is anything we can do to help, such as write letters of support, to please let us know.


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I hope all TFL members will do likewise.


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Count me in to stand for a small business operator, and an excellent school.


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This is the first on-line petition I have signed. I hope this makes a difference. Thank you to whomever started it and wrote it up (floyd?).

It is one thing for an accreditation inspector to look into a school's program. It is another to shut it down for the duration, thus making it financially unviable and a challenge to recover from when finally justified as an educational program.

I would be happy to provide my notebook and notes to show that this is not a fluff program - and I attended only a week-long program.

Thanks to some of you who wrote very good arguments in your petition comments.


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And shared it on Facebook and Twitter.


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Moya Gray

I signed the petition in support of SFBI!

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I just signed it too. Although I have not been there but I did learn a lot from tfl members who took courses.

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I've been "offline" and just opened an email from the Bread Baker's Guild of America who is actively trying to address this.

Not to make this travesty of a situation a promotion for the BBGA, but it does underline the importance of organizations with a little bit of cash and clout to help independent bakers.

Best wishes that this whole thing is clearred up very soon.

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Michel's message was a bit dramatic.  SFBI was shut down very briefly; it was apparently just a failure to file the correct piece of paper.  I attended the Artisan II class Jan 14-18 and everything was in normal operation, Michel was in the building and a pastry class was in the adjacent kitchen / lab.  A friend of mine attended Artisan I the following week.

BTW, the classes are fantastic and I highly recommend them!