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Paper pans and focaccia

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Paper pans and focaccia

Hi everyone

I plan to do some bread baking for early Christmas gifts this year for teachers etc., and I had the idea of baking my focaccia (Peter Reinhart Pain a l'acienne recipe) in one of the decorative paper pans from King Arthur Flour.  However I am concerned about the sticky dough adhering to the paper, so the recipients could not get the bread out.  Imagine the frustration on being given a beautiful loaf of fragrant focaccia, only to find you cannot get it out of the paper!  As the focaccia is cooked on a high heat (I use 450F), I am concerned about these paper tins becoming charred.

Has anyone tried baking something similar in paper pans?


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But you can call King Arthur and explain to them and they will advise you according to your recipe.  Hope this info is helpful

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and the instructions say that they are ok up to 400 degrees.   The King Arthur ones might be different.

Also, those paper ones aren't exactly inexpensive. Wonder if a disposable aluminum pan might be better ?