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Seed Culture versus Starters

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Seed Culture versus Starters

If I make a sourdough seed culture, the beginning of the starter, with high gluten white flour, rye pumpernickel flour and water when it finally manifests itself then I move on to make the starter. Afterwards I put it in the refrigerator till I am going to use it, is that okay? Then when I am going to use it I bring it out and fed it, correct? Doubling, say 16 oz of starter, 8 oz flour, and 8 oz of water, should the flour be the same as what I made originally - the high gluten and rye flour or can I use All-Purpose flour and water?

Since I don't really care for rye flour, why can't I just go ahead and make the original seed culture with say a high gluten white flour, All-Purpose flour, or Bread flour -- or for that matter, why not a combination of say the high gluten and bread flours?

Afterwards, can I leave this starter in the refrigerator "forever" and fed it when I want to use it then return it to the frig?

I am totally confused with all of this SOURDOUGH stuff! Help please?


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try this link.  also if you type in "starter" or "sourdough" in the search box you will find tons of information.  Also see Lessons tab at the top left of web page.