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Storing Yeast packets

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Storing Yeast packets


Sometimes I use Rapid Rise yeast that come in the 3 packs, and when Im working with recipes that dont use the entire pack, I try to save the left over yeast by "tightly sealing" the packet back up as best I can.  But when I go to make new bread I'm hesitant to use my left over yeast because it had been opened, and end up tossing it anyways, and opening a fresh one.  Does anyone have any tips or helpful information on storing the leftover yeast that comes in the packs?  I do not see in the grocery stores that I can purchase Rapid Rise yeast in any other forms.

Thanks for your time and sharing.  The best parts of my days are the few minutes I have in between my chores and my baking to read everyones bread adventures, and the pictures are fun too.  Happy Holidays to you all.


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I buy in 1 pound bulk and store the loose granuals in a jar in the freezer.  I take what I need out a few minutes before.  I easily have gotten 18 months or more out of this method with no discernable deterioration in how the yeast performs.

Another tip: try SAF-Instant yeast, It is superior to most of the other brands.  Whole Foods sells a one pound bag for about $6.

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Me too, I freeze (or refrigerate) my yeast. A airtight container works best for storage. I use a tupperware or equivalent quart-size container for the full 1lb yeast packs that I buy. A small canning jar (or old, clean jam jar) works well too, if you want to keep a smaller amount in the fridge. 

Keeping your yeast cold and dry will enable it to keep almost indefinitely. 

Larger (1lb) yeast quantities can be bought for cheap from warehouse stores (like Costco and Smart and Final), or can be ordered online through King Arthur, Amazon, or other online retailers. That 1lb will last a long long time, and is so much more affordable than the little packets.