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Pandoro 2012

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Pandoro 2012

Christmas is fast approaching and life has been quite hectic recently... 

I simply don't have time to maintain my beloved lievito 2.0. So instead with the little time I have had, I made my regular yeasted version of Pandoro.

It has a wonderful aroma thanks to the cocoa butter, vanilla, lemon, and fancy pandoro sugar. Although this version lacks the softness typical of the real thing made with natural yeast.

Well mixed dough.



Primo (30C ~4hrs)

62.0 Biga (50% hydration)
62.0 Flour
2.0 Instant yeast
4.0 Water
21.0 Sugar
48.0 Egg

Secondo (30C ~4hrs)

140.0 Flour
82.0 Sugar
96.0 Egg
14.0 Water

Terzo (24C ~12-14hrs)

140.0 Flour
62.0 Sugar
10.0 Honey
5.5 Salt
48.0 Egg
17.0 Milk
31.0 Water
228.0 Butter
16.0 Egg Yolk
23.0 Cocoa Butter
Flavouring (seeds from one vanilla pod + zest of one lemon)

Final dough, total % ingredients:

100.0 Flour
59.5 Butter
50.1 Whole Egg
43.0 Sugar
18.2 Water
6.0 Cocoa Butter
4.4 Milk
4.2 Egg Yolk
2.6 Honey
1.4 Salt
0.5 yeast

Pandoro sugar

100 Icing sugar
70 Potato flour
6 Cocoa butter
6 Rum
- Vanilla seeds

Sorry for the rushed post... errand's to run.



yy's picture

Lovely loaf, and great flavor additions. I've never seen or heard of pandoro sugar before. Is the potato flour there to absorb the rum and cocoa butter?

mwilson's picture

Thanks yy. The recipe for the pandoro sugar comes from cresci. Probably, but also powdered sugar mixed with starch makes a sugar suitable for dusting as it doesn't absorb moisture as readily.

Floydm's picture

Looks great, Michael.  Thanks for sharing.

mwilson's picture

Thanks Floyd. A pleasure.

bakingbadly's picture

Looks delicious!

One day I hope to prepare a pandoro (and panettone) half as good as yours.


mwilson's picture

Cheers Zita.

Persist and you may reap the rewards...

SylviaH's picture

What a gorgeous pandoro for the Holiday Season!  Thank you for the write-up and formula!

Happy Holidays!


mwilson's picture

Thanks Sylvia.

If you would like the method too, you'll have to nag me for it...

Merry Christmas

dabrownman's picture

I see the dough on the counter and I just want to cry it is so beautiful.  Here, I have been in training for months to do 40 minutes of slap and folds for your fine panettone in about a week and then I see you sneak in a mixer and I realize I must be the last one in THE WORLD  doing this great muscle building tradition by hand :-)

Nice baking Michael as usual-  even if using commercial yeast and a MIXER!!

mwilson's picture

It does look very appealing doesn't it?! 

You could well be the only one - always good to be unique, lol. Remember the the 40 minutes of hand mixing was applied to my 100% hydro white spelt loaf. I've always used a mixer for these sweet doughs...


lumos's picture

So...... when are you going to deliver this beauty to me?  :p

It looks great, as always!  Your family is really lucky. :)

mwilson's picture

....maybe next christmas ;)

Thank you Nobuko

eugenerella's picture

Hi Michael,

Enjoyed your post and great crumb. I also like to use the cocoa butter for added benefit a higher melting point affords to the crumb. In a pinch I also resort to commercial yeast, but for Christmas baking I always use an Italian starter. Yes, it makes a softer bread in addition to a longer shelf life as Peter Rheinhart comments in his Apprentice book for sourdough panettone. I have a few questions for you. First: what size mold, 500 or 1.0 ? Second: Resting time or until double in volume? I take a page out of Dorie Greenspan' s book as well. I refrigerate over night to enhance flavor and proceed with the fianl proofing the following day. Who wants to stay up and not sleep anyway, your already tired from baby sitting the starter for days ! Finally: Pandoro sugar?  I like it when I read a recipe for something I've made for years and come away with a new twist or better technique. You go guy !!!  But ? ?? Do you use it in the recipe or for dusting? If you use it in the recipe, do you use it every time it calls for sugar?

Looking forward to hearing from you


mwilson's picture

Hi Gene.

I used a 1 Kg mould. It has a 3ltr capacity. Dough should have weighed 1100g but mine was a little under at 1070g. I allowed each dough to triple in volume which is fine when using commercial yeast. Refrigeratin is always good for flavour.

The pandor sugar is just for dusting.

Many thanks,

Michael's picture

Yep.  Pandoro and Panettone season is upon us and right on schedule, here comes an agonzingly appetizing post from TFL's Lord of Lievito.  I for one am never opposed to either of those any time of the year.  But Panettone and Asti are defninitely required on our table at least once this time of year.  Unfortunately our favorite local Panettone source is having trouble getting "the good ones" this year and we may have to settle for lesser loaves :-(.  Nothing like that smell when you open the Panettone bag.  Your kitchen's fragrance must be intoxicating.  Still above my pay grade to try, but maybe someday.  And not like we have the pans, paper, ingredients.  Have to gear up.

I showed my (Britalian) wife your post.  Instead of her usual, "That bloody bread blog again!", she swooned.

Nice one, as always Michael!


mwilson's picture

Hi Tom. Many, many thanks. I'm very flattered. 

I've not tried Panettone with Asti, personally I love it with cappuccino but my family and I like Moscato D'Asti so I should get a chance.

Even though the bake is over the Pandoro itself is wafting such a lovely aroma, I can't tell you just how good it is!

I'm honoroed to have the 'wife approval', that's saying something!


breadsong's picture

Hello Michael,
You really are a master at baking these special Italian holiday breads! Your pandoro is so beautiful.
Like Gene, I am intrigued by the pandoro sugar - how you blend it, how you use it.
Thank you for sharing your formula - what a lovely list of ingredients; vanilla, lemon, cocoa butter! and of course, the pandoro sugar.
:^) breadsong

mwilson's picture

Hi breadsong.

Thank you so much. The Pandoro sugar blend is just for dusting, it's simple enough to put together.

The combined flavours create such an intoxicating aroma which is simply divine!

Thanks again.