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technical stuff

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technical stuff

Hi from Whidbey Island. I appear to have started a blog when all I wanted to do was add the occasional witty or profound comment. The problem I am having is that to log on I have to go to the browser (?) and set it to default, thanks for the tip Floyd. Does everyone else go through this or am I being completely dumb? I really appreciate this site and hope I can figure out how to navigate from one area to another. I hadn't used my starter for a while and it was looking sullen so I just fed it and hope to bake tomorrow - or soon. Thanks in advance for any assistance, AnnieT

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AnnieT: I'm not quite sure what you mean by "go to the browser and set it to default", but I'm glad you've gotten it to work.

The blog is automatically created when you join the site, so that isn't anything you did.

My folks live up in Port Townsend... I keep meaning to ride the ferry over to Whidbey Island. They tell me it is beautiful over there.