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No knead rye: "flat" (pancake-like) loaf

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No knead rye: "flat" (pancake-like) loaf

The last few times I've made rye bread (using Jim Lahey's recipe for no knead rye from his book), I've been quite happy with the crust, crumb, and taste, but the shape hasn't been perfect: rather than a boule, the loaf came out wide, thin, and almost circular. The loaf is maybe 1.5-2 inches tall, versus 6 inches wide and 8 inches long.

Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? When I place the dough into the dutch oven to be baked, I've just been scraping it out of the bowl with a spatula -- would it help to form the dough into a ball in my hands first, and then place the ball into the oven? Or is it more likely that the lack of height caused by something else? Right now I just let the second rise happen in a mixing bowl -- would it help to get a proper proofing basket/brotform/etc?

BTW, rough outline of my technique: 300g bread flour, 100g rye flour, 2g yeast, 300g water, 8g kosher salt. Mix and let rise overnight in a mixing bowl, then refrigerate for 3-4 days. Fold dough and place back in the mixing bowl, let it come to room temperature and do the second rise over 4-5 hours. Then bake in preheated 475F dutch oven for 30 mins covered, 15 mins uncovered.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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don't get along in my experience: I always ended up with a rye focaccia. I'd do an extensive kneading session instead, or at least give a lot of stretch and fold to give the bread some structure.

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I make 10 -12 loaves a week using this recipe:

3 1/2 c.       AP  460g

   1/2 c.       Rye  61g

1 1/2 c.       Water  300g

   1/2 c.       Bass Ale  122g

2. tps.         Salt

1/2 tsp.       Yeast

2  Tbs.        Caraway seeds

 1                Egg white (for wash)Incorporate dry Ingredients then wet. Mix thoroughly. Let forment 18 - 24 hours.  at 68-70 degreesStretch and fold several times.  Let rest for 15 mins.   


Shape and let rise for 1 hour.   


 Pre-heat oven and dutch oven to 500

10 mins. @ 435 covered

35 mins. @ 435 uncovered Brush with diluted egg wash immediately after baking.I use a 4 qt. oval cast iron dutch oven and I slash the loaves at the 10 minute mark when they are uncovered.
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I sometimes make a conventional beer rye recipe that tastes great but also doesn't rise enough, I'm going to try yours.

My experience with beer rye is that a really flavorful beer can overwhelm the bread. I like Bass but might try something lighter, maybe a Rolling Rock.

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Gorgeous loaves and crumb shots!  Interesting technique of slashing after 10 minutes! Will try this soon!