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Baguette Normal

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Baguette Normal

My commute lately has been so bad that this morning I decided to work from home. The good news is that gave me an opportunity to bake bread.  The last minute nature of my decision meant that sourdough was out of the question (no time to build a proper  levain). So I was left to a bread made quickly with commercial yeast.  Daniel Leader's Baguette Normal from Local Breads was the perfect choice. I used KA French-Style flour (55% ash) and was quite pleased with the result. The scoring gods even smiled on me today. 


grind's picture

Really nice looking bread.  Everything about it.

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All you need now is a little butter and jam or, on the savory side, olive oil/pepper and a good red wine.

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The loaves accompanied a dinner of roasted chicken with pancetta and olives. However, while waiting for the chicken to finish in the oven, my 13 year old daughter had a few slices with butter and orange marmalade!

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were shining for this whole bake - not just the evil slashing god!.  Nice baking!

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Looks like your time was spent much more productively than it would have had you been stuck sitting in traffic. For a last minute bread that is one very nice looking loaf!  


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The bread gods were indeed on your side!  Love the ears and especially the nice, open crumb :)

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excellent grigne, Sjadad! Lovely results!