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G'Day from Melbourne, Australia

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G'Day from Melbourne, Australia

Hello! I've recently discovered that baking bread takes less time and is easier to do than brewing beer (that's where the name comes from and I wanted to keep it alive).

I came accross this site and got really excited to see some much expertise and passion at home.  Here appears to be a place where members would get the concept of driving friends and relations nuts with constant posting of bread pictures on Facebook (they don't really want to see the crumb shot, well most of them anyway...)

Baking is quite new to me in the artisan sense but I have made bread for years in the first model of bread machine that Sunbeam brough out over here the BM01 in 1997.  I like to rush out to the cutting edge before I have a full grasp of what I'm doing but just work that way.  An example is making 100% rye bread as soon as my mate (friend) gave me some of his sourdough rye starter, but it worked out ok.

I look forward to sharing my handiwork at weird hours with you Northern hemisphere folk and learning how to make great bread :)