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Help with Leaven Bread with Walnuts and Raisins...

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Bread Head

Help with Leaven Bread with Walnuts and Raisins...

I tried to make a Tartine bread with walnuts and raisins and it did not turn out as high and opened crumb as my usual Basic Tartine Country Loaf.

Do I have to add more leaven to lift the nuts and raisins?

Should I be doing something else special or different when adding nuts and/or raisins to a leaven bread dough?


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It's common to suspect that the new ingredients to a bread recipe as responsible if something doesn't work out as we had planned.  Very often, however, it's something we simply overlooked (over proofing, improper handling/shaping, etc.) that caused the problem.  I'd suggest making your bread again, same formula, with close attention to details and see what emerges.

If the results continue to disappoint, you could try increasing the yeast (if it's a wild yeast sourdough then adding a bit of yeast) and see how that works.

When you post a question about a disappointing result it's usually better to include the formula and, if uniques, handling process in your post.  That's helps minimize speculation and will give you more meaningful responses.