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Hello From New York!

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Hello From New York!

Hello all from The Fresh Loaf,

I have always been addicted to baking and making foods from scratch. Since I got married, my bread making and baking, in general has really taken off. I have been lurking The Fresh Loaf for many months a now and this site (and its members) have taught me so many new things. I am looking forward to joining this form and sharing new ideas and recipes. 

So, hello from me to you!



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Mini Oven

I'm a scratch person myself.   Welcome to TFL!  :)

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from a fellow resident of NY.

What kinds of breads are you especially interested in?

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I am just getting into different types of breads. Mostly, I have been making sandwich breads, hoagie rolls, dinner rolls and sweet breads. I would love to learn to make Italian Bread and Bagels (Brooklyn Style). The pictures and amazing skills I have seen on this site really peaked my interest. I recently tried to make Poolish (enough for one loaf) and I am eventually going to try making starter (that I have to feed) - forgive me if I don't know the right terms yet. I would love to also work with different flours, as well. I have only worked with white and wheat, thus far.