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Spinach Cheese Boule with poolish

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Spinach Cheese Boule with poolish

I wanted some whole wheat in it, and in my experience a poolish starter does wonders for the flavor and the dough, so I used one. I designed the recipe myself, using a spreadsheet I've created. More on that later. I'll be publishing the recipe soon for interested people.


This bread turned out excellent in taste and my family made it disappear fast over the weekend, preferring it over the standard Challah I also produced on Friday. It was my first boule, fermented in a banneton! There was not quite enough dough so inverting it onto the peel misshaped it some. Also, a slash down the middle with inverted V slashes on the sides. The side slashes were too far to the side, as you can see.

Here is a pic of the crumb and structure. Next time I'll actually use a little more cheese and spinach.


Update: Here is the the recipe (click the link).

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That looks interesting and inviting!!! I'd love the recipe...

Thanks :)

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It just took a little longer to get the recipe on-line. I added a link at the end of the original post. Enjoy.