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I doubled the recipe and ...

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I doubled the recipe and ...

I was out of bread AND I needed to make a few loaves to take to the zendo Thanksgiving potluck, so I decided to try doubling the Peter Reinhart pain au levain recipe.

It went well until I added the last few cups of flour (almost three for the starter, add seven later, for a total of nearly ten for the final dough). The old Kitchenaid mixer coped with the load, but the 5-quart bowl was more than half-full and the dough kept climbing over the top of the dough hook. I would stop the mixer, lower the bowl, pull the dough down, raise the bowl, start it again ... only to be forced to repeat the process. After three or four hook clearings, I decided that the dough had had enough kneading. It was going to get some French folds, after all. 

French-folding that much dough was somewhat challenging as well.

I put the dough in one of my bread buckets to retard overnight in the refrigerator. Good thing I checked it a few hours later. It had risen to the top of the bucket, pushed the lid off, and was starting to drip down the sides. I pulled it out and split it between two buckets. 

Well, all that was interesting, but I don't think I'm going to be doing it again :)