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Basic white bread

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Basic white bread

Hi Everybody,

With a teenager who can demolish a loaf in a day and a single income stretched to the limit I got tired of sad bargain loaves that tasted of air, had the consistency of cotton wool and the nutritional value of toilet paper. It was time to fight back!!

I'm just a dad... You're the experts...

If anybody could have a look at my recipe and maybe give me any tips that would be great!!!



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say to ditch the sugar and the oil and you'll have some real bread.  Me, I say it looks great and if the teenager eats it too then it's worth keeping around as a twofer.  Nice baking,

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Thanks for comment - if he'll only eat white I'd much rather he eat this than some soggy chemical stuffed rubbish from the supermarket!!  Just made a wholemeal as he was away - heaven - such a much nicer taste!  So I'm going to do that next for the adults!!

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Looks good to me.  The oil should add a bit of shelf life to the finished loaf and also enhance the flavor.  I might not include the sugar but, if shelf life is a factor, might replace it with about half as much fresh honey; also for falvor.

Let's remember  -  if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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It looks marvellous, and as if it wouldn't last a day in this house!

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What kind of tips are you looking for?  Better flavor, improved nutrition, easier recipe?  Your bread looks good.  Personally I do not want sugar or corn oil in my bread but that is my taste.


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Thanks everybody for their tips!  Was just double checking - there's a 'tips' page on my Squidoo 'White Bread'  ( page) so might add some of your ideas.  I love home baked bread so want to spread the word!!!  And save people money!  Power to the people... you don't have to buy it at the shop!!!!

Things like replacing some of the sugar with honey for taste - the oil makes it last a bit longer (No chance with my teenager!!!)...

Would be great if any of you left tips on that page but if not I'll add your tips and credit where they came from.

My son was away at the weekend so I had the luxury of wholemeal bread..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

I'm going to put that up next then try some speciality breads!