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50/50 Durum - White flour sourdough from Classic Sourdoughs: I'm happy!

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50/50 Durum - White flour sourdough from Classic Sourdoughs: I'm happy!



I'm new to this site and can't contain my joy at how the bread I just baked has come out, so thought it would be worth sharing.


The recipe is from Classic Sourdoughs by Ed and Jean Wood and is the Basic Durum Bread:

240ml (1 cup) ripe starter, white unbleached flour

15g butter (unsalted)

240ml (1 cup) whole milk

3/4 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon raw caster sugar (15g)

210g (1 1/2 cups) Durum flour

210g (1 1/2 cups) unbleached all-purpose flour


I bulk fermented it for 12-hours after mixing it in the bread machine and didn't fold or degas it until shaping it for the loaf pan, as it didn't look like it had risen much.  I then loaf proofed it for tow-hours and it rose a fair bit.  It was baked hot (230 degree) with steam and then turned back to 185 degrees Celcius after 10-minutes.  Total baking time of 50 minutes.

I'm looking forward to seeing the crumb not to mention eating it!

Anyone else out there experiemented much with Durum flour and how did it go?  I'll be using it again.







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It has a chewy texture to it but also very soft at the same time.  This one is only a little bit tangy compared to others I have made and would be a hit with kids as a sandwich bread.

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Craig_the baker

Looks delicious, great job!!!

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Thanks Craig.  I just got some willow bannetons in the post today so might have another crack at it in one of those...  This bread made awesome sandwiches! :)

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kallisto (not verified)

I have been experimenting with Durum flout a bit. There is a nice recipe from another member of this forum, which i like quite a lot.

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Thanks for the link kallisto - does your look like his?  I'm inspired to give that one a try too.  There are some amazing bakers here and so free with how they do it!

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an awfully nice sandwich bread that is perfectly baked.  I'm surprised it isn't more yellowy but that could be the lighting and photography.

Nice baking,

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Thanks dabrownman.  I took the shots on my phone and I was shocked at just how white the crumb was but there is a lot of milk in there.  The durum flour is a local (Melbourne, Australia) brand "Simply No Knead" pasta dura bread flour and doesn't look yellowish like course semolina flour.  I'll need to make it again and see what it looks like.