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New Member from California Central Coast

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New Member from California Central Coast

I just found this site a couple days ago when I was researching fresh-ground flour for my new Nutrimill.  (I've already embarassed myself by accidentally posting my first entry twice - the site seems to be sluggish and I got impatient.)  I live in Morro Bay on the Central Coast of California, alone except for my five cats who do nothing except eat, sleep, excrete, shed, shred, and vie for my lap.  I'm retired except for a part-time job and volunteer work.  I love to knit, especially lace shawls. Knitting is a lot less fattening than bread, but I love to make bread, too.  I think knitting is probably more expensive, but I've spent a fair amount of money on my bread baking, too.

I learned to bake from my mother.  I think I probably made yeast breads as a teenager.  I do remember trying to be an Earth Mother in the 1970s when that was a popular thing to be.  I'm still a wannabe, but with less pressure.  I hadn't baked in a long time, and then I got a bread machine more than a decade ago.  I hadn't used that for several years when one day I found a recipe for bread sticks I wanted to make for a potluck.  It turned out that I hadn't been using the bread machine because it was broken.  So I threw it out and kneaded the dough by hand, and I remembered how much I used to enjoy baking bread.  And here I am.

This site has a wealth of information, it would seem.  I've been on it all morning (in between working on a loaf of bread, which is in the oven right now).  I look forward to learning from you all.




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Welcome Rosalie. This is a fun place to learn about bread making especially if you have a sense of humor and don't take things to seriously. I hope you search around and follow a few threads to get familiar with the site. Floyd is the Admin and a good baker in his own right but he gives us all plenty of rope to hang ourselves while we sort out issues large and small.

I look forward to hearing from you as will many other members of the "Fresh Loaf Family". Please don't feel shy about stepping into a thread and asking a question you have. We are all in some stage of learning about Artisan baking. There are many beginners and quite a few experts here that will help if you ask.


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excellent! You may have already discovered it's quite a menagerie around here, but somewhat heavy on the 'dog' end. I have 3 cats myself, but my dogs are the ones who never criticize my baking..! Welcome.