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Ancient fruit cake recipe.

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Ancient fruit cake recipe.

What's the oldest form of alcohol laden fruit cake out there and the best place to get dried and candied fruits? 




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For dried fruits to be used in baking special gifts, I'd prefer relying on Harry and Davids.  Candied fruits are widely available locally so I just pick them up at the local market.

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I got some really great slab apricots from here:


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Happy Loafer

I make my own candied citrus peel for my fruitcakes because the flavor is so much better than any that I have ever bought.  My grandmother was a cake maker and decorator and always made her own candied peel. Since you use only the peel and pith of the citrus fruits, the only cost is for the sugar. Making candied peel takes time but is easy and not labor intensive. 

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I agree with Happy Loafer...especially where so much of the commercial stuff is laden with high fructose corn syrup!