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good bread shopping in NYC?

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good bread shopping in NYC?

Hi,   I will be going to NYC later today.    Are there any places I should make sure to go to satisfy my bread habit?    Great bakeries?   Stores with great flours?    Baker supply shops?   I won't have time for much, so I need to choose wisely.    Thanks!  -Varda

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I was in NY this past summer, and here are my favorites: 

Amy's Bread in Hell's Kitchen. Try the potato and dill bread!

Essa Bagel on 1st (midtown). Not only are the bagels delicious, the cream cheese and sandwich fillings are also amazing.

Sullivan Street Bakery. Jim Lahey... enough said!

The food hall below the Plaza Hotel also has a number of food shops selling great breads or sandwiches made w. great bread, including one that makes tartines using Poilane's bread. The food hall also has great chocolates and Kusmi tea for sale.

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for the quick answer.   I will have your list in hand for my trip.   -Varda

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ESSA Bagels two locations.  While not bread, would highly recommend stopping by.  Great deli sandwiches, smoked fish, lox, etc.  But the bagels are awsome, among the best NY has to offer...

359 1st Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 260-2252831 3rd Avenue
New York, NY   And could list a ton of other must see, but alas, to many choices, too little time.  Amy's is seconded too!!! 
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Bouchon Bakery at the Time-Warner Center at Columbus Circle: incredible croissants that look as good as txfarmer's. Also, heavenly Kouing Amann.

If you are on the upper East Side, Eric Kayser's Maison Kayser has an excellent selection of all kinds.


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I would suggest visiting Chelsea Market

There's an Amy's Bread location there along with a variety of specialty food shops and restaurants. Great lunch stop. Nice restaurant supply shop with a decent baking dept, a fishmonger that's a feast for the eyes and an Italian specialty store that is  a hidden gem with many items I  haven't found anywhere else (if this interests you, be sure to check out the far back of the store. It may not look like much but it's the real deal!).

Enjoy your trip!


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Thanks so much.   The day is planned.   Report back later.  -Varda

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I totally missed this thread!  I was in NYC today as well, checking out the CUNY schools with #2 son, HS senior looking to major in International Business and wanting to be in a big city.  And I wanted some bread.

I made him walk the full length of Sullivan Street, looking for the bakery.  No success!  I ought to take the address with me next time.

We'll be back in the city soon--maybe next weekend for NYU's Open House.  I will also be printing out the list.

BTW, one of our fav places to eat in the city is Pret a Manger--reasonable prices and fresh fresh fresh.  Their bread is decent, considering.

Varda, I hope your adventures were fruitful!



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So using your advice, my son and I had breakfast at Ess-a bagel on First - is ess eat in Yiddish?    I had a poppy seed with white fish salad.   It was beyond awesome.   I wish I could make bagels that delicious, not to mention the white fish salad.   My son was happy too.    We eventually made our way across town to Chelsea Market (where neither of us had been before) and ate at Amy's.    My sandwich was excellent.     The innards were too overpowering to really taste the bread though, so I bought a loaf of Durum with black sesame seeds.   I didn't have time to taste until now and I'm very impressed.   Also got some good window shopping done in Chelsea market including the kitchen supply store.   Really good recommendations.   I only had so much time, so couldn't go to the other spots.   Hopefully  next time.      Thanks so much!   -Varda

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 a bagel aficionado like you got a good NY bagel to eat at Ess- a Bagel!  What a nice day to spend with your son too.

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Seeing my son was the main event.   The bagels were just gravy.   No, wait, that doesn't sound right...