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Tartine second attempt

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Tartine second attempt

This is the second time I have made the Country Bread from Tartine.  The first attempt had a more open crumb, but I also bulk fermented longer.  It disappeared before I could take any pics, and the second attempt was half eaten before the camera could come out.


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Nothing puts a crust on bread like a WFO or a DO.  Thanks for haring you fine Tartin'

Nice baking and Bake On.

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Song Of The Baker

Good job!  On your second attempt you're already doing a better job than me on my 3rd attempt!

I could eat this bread easily in two days to myself.  It's a great one.  Have you ever tried the original from Tartine?  Next trip down to San Fran, I will be first in line.


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That looks like a perfect amount of holes!  Yummy.

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Thank you for all of the positive comments!  And no I have not tried the "original" from Tartine, it would be nice to know if I am on track to baking like a pro.