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Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week one

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Two Weeks of Food for Thought - Week one

It's already been two weeks since the last Parade of Sandwiches and fall is here.  Yes, it is still in the 80's but it feels wonderful after 5 months of the AZ heat.  Fall flowers are starting to bloom again. 












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Send me over some of that cheesecake!

My wife made one last week but it's all gone so I could use some of yours!

Nice spread.


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is gone faster than any bread around here.  You either get it while it is still a little warm or do without!  Well, sometimes it gets cold before it is gone but not often.  At least it wouldn't break in a million pieces but it might be a little mushy and hot when it got there :-)

Happy baking Ian

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Good Evening:

  Just saw your post and I am so envious! Your food shows variety of the best  fruits and veggies! What is the drawback of living there beside the heat?  Must be nice to be able to get such variety of foods.


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to get the best and least expensive food in the country - nothing comes close to Phoenix when it comes to food.  But 5 months straight of over 100 F will stress any food budget.    Much of the economy here was built on the back of residential and commercial real estate that has crashed and is now slowly rebounding.  So we have suffered economically since 2007 like everyone else only worse with the exception of Las Vagas.  You could have bought some prime real estate here for pennies on the dollar if you had cash - until your fortune was gone and it would have been even if you were a billionaire.  Things are better now but not much.   Jobs are hard to find it you are still looking for one.  Most folks aren't looking anymore.  But it can and will get better - it has to! Folks here are looking for a new beginning and doing what it takes to have one.  The hope and change thing is long gone.

Still, one has a hard time thinking about the older folks who were victims of Sandy and too old to start over with less than nothing.   It must seem like the end of the world for them.  It breaks my heart.  Hopefully they have family they can lean on and will eventually find a way through these mean times nature has dealt them.

On a brighter note, glad you liked the post of the fruit, veg and other stuff....