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Difference in bubble size in starter?

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Bread Head

Difference in bubble size in starter?

What do the bubble sizes tell you?

My starter info;

Feed it everyday in the morning.

Keep it in the basement, average temp 66 degrees during winter and 74 degrees during summer. (Pittsburgh PA.)

Feed it 50/50 mix of Whole wheat and All purpose.

I keep a small amount, about 50 grams.


About 3 hours after I feed it small bubbles (the size of a period at the end of a sentence) appear. Some on the top but mostly on the sides of container.

About 12 hours after I feed it the bubbles are the size of a zero on the keyboard, and they are on the sides of container and on top.....................this is when I use the starter to make a leaven?  Is this the right time?



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need more info: how much water do you feed your starter, in relation to the fresh flour?

give us these ratios for your feed:

  • old starter (weight in g):
  • flour (weight in g):
  • water (weight in g):

If your starter is very liquid, it may not bubble much. 

You want to use your starter just before it has peaked, i.e., doubled in volume. You have to pay attention to the starter carefully to find when this will happen, this varies for everyone. 12 hours is probably too long. If you feed on the same schedule and pay attention, you will find how long it takes. 

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Bread Head


I feed equal weights water and flour.

-Old starter about 10grams

-Flour about 20 grams

-Water about 20 grams

(I don't weigh it everytime I feed it.)