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Is it safe to keep my starter in a fridge with an antibacterial filter?

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Is it safe to keep my starter in a fridge with an antibacterial filter?

Hi, I have recently moved and as part of that bought a new refrigerator which has some antibacterial air circulation system built in. Sounds good on the box, but I didn't stop to think about how it could affect my sourdough starter...

Yes, I keep my starter in the fridge, it works better for me this way since I only use it 2/3 times a week. I keep it in a tupperware tub with a piece of string under the lid so it just gets a tiny bit of air to stop the lid popping off.

Has anyone else got such a fridge and been able to keep their starter in there?

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Mini Oven

action happens in the filter and no where else.  I would not be worried about your starter if it is somewhat covered.  Most germs get active when the power is off and it is dark, warm and moist inside a closed fridge.  I line my vegetable bin with a folded sheet of newspaper and brown paper to protect from the print, and keep the power on.  It is just as effective in controlling bacteria.  

note the wording: I have a new fridge with an optional "anti-oxidant vitamin kit."  I kid you not.  Supposed to do something similar.  I think this is loaded advertising and has more of a placebo effect on the buyer than anything else.   Contact the manufacturer if you want to know what's in it.  Say your dog got a hold of it and you want to know if it will make him sick.  

Clever trick with the string...  Don't worry about it.  :)

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Your starter doesn't need any air to survive so if you are concerned you can just put it in a completely sealed jar (the pressure build-up from the CO2 won't hurt it either).  But I think Mini is right that the refrigerator is a cool, dark place surrounded by commercial gimickry and weakly substantiated claims.