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Made it to Afghanistan

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Made it to Afghanistan

Well I made it to Afghanistan and luckily the base I'm on has a kitchen so if only I could figure out a way to obtain flour I think I can continue my bread baking passion. And yes I packed some of my tools to bake with!

Take care everyone



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Well, you stay SAFE and good luck on your flour hunting! I am pretty sure you are in for some serious adventures!!


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make sure to watch your back and don't trust anyone who isn't US military no matter what side they say they are on.  Way too many US military getting killed by supposed Afghan military and police who are really Taliban. 

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and Be careful... enjoy baking if you get the chance... sounds like a good plan.  Looking forward to hearing from you when you get the flour and stuff all together. Happy baking, and keep your chin up, but your head down. Prayers will be with you daily.


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.... and if you can share pix of any bread you eventually make, that would be, in the words of Robert Duvall, "Outstanding, Red Team, outstanding!"

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If the former, PM me your address as KAF and Bob's Red Mill ship to military addresses.

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I used to be as military but now I'm here as a contractor.

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Thanks everyone!

I'll be sure to post some pictures once I get to the baking. It will only be sourdough, but I perfer it anyways!

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There is nothing to apologize about for baking with sourdough.  *big grin*


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Stay safe, bake well. 

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package underneath your belt buckle ? Sheesh ....    :)

Stay safe !!



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I would have except TSA would have confiscated it because after all it could potenailly be an explosive liquid. Sheesh.

Guess that just means I'll have to start one here!

Thank you,