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Hallelujah!!! Updated.

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Hallelujah!!! Updated.

I did it.... I finally made some sourdough rounds that look as good as my sister's loaves look.  Thanks to time on the phone consulting with the gurus.... I can finally show my face in the sourdough world! 

Not perfect but neither of them look like cow pies! I am so thrilled. Whoda thought one could get this excited over bread?! ME!!!!

Okay, I am editiing in a crumb shot... since I already sliced this loaf, I had to piece together slices to get the picture... LOL... hope it shows you something! 

What I did differently was add in some sister encouraged PATIENCE and more kneading. The consensus was that I was being impatient and I agree.  I aslo made sure to add the boiling water into the steam pan... and also sprayed the inside of the oven at 15 minutes... worked well for me... Oh, also I spritzed the loaves with water before I slashed them.  

I used no yeast, just my starter... the recipe is the San Francisco Sourdough in "Bread Alone," by Daniel Leader pg. 212.  






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Good for you, loaf pans are now and forever an optional accessory. Those are lovely looking breads, round as can be and with very nice slashing too. Cold DO in hot oven?

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Real Good!

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These look beautiful! What did you do differently?


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you have there.  They have so much spring I'm surprised they didn't jump right out of the picture.  So tell us what recipe you did and how it all came together.  Show us a crumb shot too.  It has to be great with all that spring.  I get excited about baking bread too.  More times than I care to admit actually.  Some people, even apprentices, make fun of my silliness, and rightfully so sometimes, but  they just don't get it!

Nice baking

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Hey, looks great!