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'Home Baked' by Hanne Risgaard

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'Home Baked' by Hanne Risgaard

I was wondering if anyone that has purchased Ms Risgaard's book has had a chance to check out her 'Real Rye Bread' recipe. I don't understand why she mixed all of the dough ingredients and then takes out 400 grams of the dough and saves it for the next bake. How long can this be kept? I presume you don't use sourdough then, just the dough amount, in your next bake. I just have never read about this technique except for a simpler formula using only flour, water, sourdough and salt.

Thanks, Esther.

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I haven't read her book, but it appears she is using old dough - sometimes also called a pate fermentee.    If you use the terms "old dough" or "pate fermentee" in the TFL search bar, you'll find a number of conversations on the topic.  Here are a couple:


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That is what our ancestors did all through history to insure they would have the leavening for the next day's least that is what I have always read and been told. I don't know the fancy name for it, but that is the point of it. I think it is a cool idea. I tried it once but evidently didn't take out enough. I WILL try again!


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I sure appreciate all the help I get from everyone. I really appreciate that people take the time to reply.

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isobel gildon

I often make rye bread this way and also a semi-sourdough. You don't need to feed it as you would a starter so life is quite simple! The piece of saved dough will keep for up to a week in the fridge and also it freezes very well. Good luck


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Doc Tracy

You start the first time with sourdough starter. Then, save 400 grams of dough for your next bake. I've kept it a week and it seems fine since its pretty stiff and has salt on top.

I'm having trouble with her timing, almost wonder if its an error in the book? But, if I don't do a bulk proof, just pan my bread immediately and just bake wen it hits the top of the pan at 2-6 hours it comes out wonderful.

I've baked Hammelman's Volkonborts and Mini's Favorite rye. Still trying to decide which I like best. I do add some onions, caraway and fennel seeds for spice.