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Hello Freshloaf patrons!

I've been lurking around the website for a while now, and I have tried dozens of recipes.  I LOVE THIS PLACE.  I truley feel like I'm at home.  I have been baking my entire life.  I began baking at my grandmother's knee as soon as I could.  She taught me a lot. Unfortunately she is no longer able to bake in her own home, so I inherited her baking tools and I am determined to carry on her tradition of wonderful baking. 

I have learned so much on this site already.  It is a pleasure to have so much information available, and the creativity of the people at the Fresh Loaf is absolutely inspiring.  I am a poor college student at the moment, but I do plan on purchasing some of the books I see mentioned most often.  I also wish to sell some baked goods, but unfortunately Montana laws make it a bit difficult to do so unless I want to only sell at the Farmers' Market.  I am trying to find a commercial kitchen to rent from time to time. 

Anyway, I look forward to learning much more.  It is so nice to find others that share the same passion as I do.  

Anyway, Just wanted to say hello.  I'll be posting pictures of my baking adventures soon!


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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf! We all look forward to seeing your bakes!



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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!  <3

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Fresh Loafian is always welcome.  You need to bake often to stay warm in Montana this winter. 

Happy baking.