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Mini Cinnamon Buns and Refridgeration

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Mini Cinnamon Buns and Refridgeration

Hi folks.  I'm new to this forum so this is my very first post.  I've started a small cinnamon buns business and things are moving along very well.  The orders have satrted to come in fast and furious.  My mini cinnamon buns are more popular than the standard size and I have to deliver 18 dozen by 7AM tomorrow.  I've been practising with refridgerating the cut, uncooked buns but they just are not rising up as well as the fresh-made when I bake them.  I'm desperate not to have to wake up at 1AM to start from scratch - that's beginning to take a toll as I have a two-year old.  Any advice?  I would be eternally grateful!

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Mary Clare

Try using a bit more yeast, since they will spend time in the fridge?


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Hi Nicky, how did you get on ?  Were you pleased with the outcome, or will you only accept smaller orders in future ?  Cheers  Nici

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Hi there.  Sorry for taking so long to reply.  Things, thankfully, have been hectic.  While I was not pleased with the outcome of refridgeration, I've continued to deliver on all my orders, even the large ones.  Guess I'll continue to run trials to see if I can come up with formula that works with my recipes and in the meanwhile, I'll stick to the process that works for me -- that's starting from scratch at 2AM.  Thanks for all the input guys!

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Hi NickyM.

After overnight refrigeration, cinnamon buns can take several hours to wake up again. I made a batch last weekend this way, and it took about 6 hours to fully proof. Are you bringing them out of the fridge and proofing at room temperature?

An alternative method would be to use only a fraction of the yeast and allow the buns to rise overnight at room temperature. This should give you a full night's sleep without overproofing. It may take some experimentation to get the exact right amount of yeast and to adapt to shifting room temperatures.