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Bamboo, plastic proofing baskets

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Bamboo, plastic proofing baskets

Hi everyone,

I have read quite some threads on proofing baskets but if I may be so free I would like to have your thoughts on these baskets being used as proffing baskets. I used to use whatever is at hand but I am trying to increase production and would like some uniformity. The baskets are made from a natural fiber or bamboo but there also is a plstic 'rotan' variety. Normally they are used as bread baskets in restaurants. Anyone else using something like this? I recall the bottom one being around 30cm in diameter.



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I've been using oval bamboo bread baskets for over 6 years [bamboo is amazinly long lasting]. I line them with cotton napkins dusted with rice flour to prevent the dough from sticking. The basket, liner and dough are then placed into a mylar "turkey roasting" bag to prevent moisture loss during proofing.  

One thing I've thought about is using just the rice flour dusted basket - haven't tried this yet for a number of reasons though it would eliminate the dusted cotton napkins from the work flow.


 P.S. Just saw this after posting the above [page down to Okiraku Recipe entry].