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How to estimate percentage of vital gluten to add

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How to estimate percentage of vital gluten to add

I know that adding vital gluten to a bread can make it chewier and hold better together. Is there a number (baker's percentage) that can be used as a general rule for how much vital gluten to add to a whole wheat loaf? For example, I have been making some Peter Reinhardt whole grain recipes which obviously don't call for vital gluten. But how much do I add in relation to the amount of total flour used?

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Here is a thread on how someone did it.

I have always just went with 2% VWG whenever I am baking with KABF and want to up my protein up a bit and that is close to what she ended up calculating to approximate KASL. 

Good luck! Hope the bread turns out great. 

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Thanks a bunch! I'll take 2% as a general rule of thumb. I plan on baking some bread for my dad's visit :)

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I second the recommendation from rcbaughn that VWG (Vital Wheat Gluten) should be about 2% of the TFW (Total Flour Weight). This works well for me.