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My name is Ute and I live in NJ. I am new to Bread Baking and I love it. I tried Jim Lahey's Rye Bread and it came out great but the last 2 times it didnt so I am learning. I would also like to learn more about bulk baking. Any ideas on anything would be great:)))))))) Love this site:)

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Pick an expert you trust and learn from him/her.  That person could be a local person who's been baking for a long time and is willing to take you under a wing.  Or it could be the writer of a baking text book (NOT a bread cook book) and read/bake your way through it.  If you are new, start with a proper text for a beginner before you move on to a higher level text.  I usually recommend DiMuzio's Bread Baking for a beginner.  If you had been baking for a while already, lots of different kinds of breads, then maybe you would be ready for Hamelman's Bread.  If you've a library that has both, look them over.  From what you've written, DiMuzio would be better for you.  Oh yes, you could also try to find a bread baking course.  Also, watch all the videos from the link at the top of this page.

Practice, practice, practice.