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Hi from Australia..My bread story in one post.

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Bohemian Mama

Hi from Australia..My bread story in one post.

Hey everyone, my name is Myrtle, and I found this while loo0king for tips on proofing my bread.

Been making bread since I was a child with terrible results. When breadmakers  appeared, my results improved and I focussed for years on  using different flours  for taste and health, quinoa, millet, besan rye etc The breads were incredibly tasty but i had  terrible ratio's usually only 1/3 white bakers  flour. Made great toast but a bit   plasticy. No one minded as it was an awesome toast , and  even better  flavour.

Now for the last month I have been making sourdough. Took 2 attempts to get the starter and now my pet Levi is coming along just nicely...And making bread daily and loving the tweaks to my ever  expanding starter sprout offs. I made one with the whey strained  from live yogurt..and Levi  came from  portar and pestle pounding of organic rye.

I am experimenting with recipes and ratios. My main problem is  joint disease so I have been wanting to  make the dough  in the breadmaker and then the final proof or rise. Still experimenting, and I guess learning. I over proof over night and have had the odd housebrick.

I also occasionly hand knead. I  have been making for years without undertsanding the science and techniques and skills.

Happy to discover my education re starts  in these  lovely forums.

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Hi from Brisbane Myrtle,

It sounds like you enjoy experimenting with your bread ... you have come to the right place then ... there is so much to learn here ... have fun :)


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Bohemian Mama

Thanks for the welcome Phil.. I am down in Newcastle.

Yes I am having some wonderful exploration here in this site. within 4 minutes I am keen to purchase a  waffle maker, its on the to do list with a grain grinder.

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Welcome aboard Mytrle.

There are many different techniques you will learn about on this site to make bread.  Most of them don't require intensive kneading or standing in front of your bowl for hours on end which not be good for joints.

Good luck with your journey and don't hesitate to ask questions no matter how silly you think they may be.  The only way to learn is to experiment, try, try and try again until you get the way you like.


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You have the found the place where everything to know about bread is known by someone at TFL or by someone who might disagree and have a different idea.  Many great bakers here and there is more than one way to bake up a loaf of fine bread.  You have already found sourdough and there are many here who can help you with questions.  Stretch and fold technique will help with the joints too.


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You've come to the right place, Myrtle. Great folks who are willing to help and share a passion for all things bread.

BTW - I miss Newcastle; I lived in Spear's Point for a while.

Scott (Phxdog)

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Bohemian Mama

Hullo Ian scott and dabrowman, Thanks again for the welcome. Scott.. Speers point is lovely and I go to Warners  several times a week. I  gave a batard to the owner of Hippo  Expresso the other  day cos he didnt beleive I could do it!!

I did my first stretch and  fold bread the other day and was thrilled with the results, would post a piccy if I know how. I am always keen to learn new techniques,although my  dough in the breadmaker and  second proof  seem to produce  satisfactory loaves too.

Today I am making naan. I had no baking powder, so used i cup SR  flour from the shop and 1 cup of  bakers flour.

1 Cup Starter/ 1/4 cup live yogurt, salt and half a cup warm milk. Some herbs too.

Its resting now and my skillet will get a late night work out.


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Would love to see how your Naan works out if you can figure out how to post it.

It's not that hard so give it a shot :).

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Bohemian Mama

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Bohemian Mama

My naans did not work, but here is a pic of my first stretch and fold batard