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Stone Beer Boule

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Stone Beer Boule

Due to an unfortunate happenstance to which we will not admit, a growler of Stone Brewing's 10th Anniversary IPA went flatter than a pancake. So DH Gary wouldn't have to drink the whole thing, I volunteered to make a Beer Boule. Mmmmmmm. The baker doesn't get a sample, as it will go to Stone tomorrow as a peace offering for almost ruining their special brew. Blatant, shameless pandering never hurts when it comes time to refill a growler!

Thanks again, JMonkey, for your NK Sourdough recipe. I love it!


Stone BouleStone Boule

JIP's picture

That looks like a great beer and a great bread.

mse1152's picture

...and you didn't CALL me?????  aaaaauuuugggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Susan's picture

Didn't know you were a beer fan. My most humble apologies.


JMonkey's picture

You know, someone was asking just yesterday about whether I make beer bread -- I said, no, because I never had. What's it do to the taste? How much do you use in the bread; does it replace all the liquid?

Glad you like the NK sourdough conversion!

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Susan that looks wonderful! Are you going to tell us how you did it? Is there any additional yeast starter in there? Cmon, fess up.

And, what's a growler?


Susan's picture

Thank you.

A "growler" holds draft beer to go. The growler in the photo holds 1 liter.

I used JMonkey's NK SD recipe.

But, used 350g bread flour and 100g Prairie Gold flour, and 155g water and 155g beer. S&F'd three times rather than once. Used my usual cooking method: the Magic Bowl on a baking sheet at 450F.

Honest-to-goodness, just starter. Can't report on the crumb or flavor yet, but will when I know. Could be good, bad or indifferent. Interesting, though, n'est-ce pas?


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Mini Oven

and you've awakened my brain.  I kneaded a jump start.  Mini Oven

Susan's picture

Crust and crumb were very good, the beer taste came through afterward in a hoppy, bitter sort of way, as was expected, since the IPA was big and hoppy. Next time I'm up for beer bread I will try a Porter for its smooth chocolately-ness. Gary enjoyed sharing the bread with his buds at the Brewery this afternoon! Certainly worth a try, and I encourage beer lovers to hop to it!