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Slow fridge rise?

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Slow fridge rise?

I just made some Tartin recipe sourdough dough and normally I let it rise at room temp or slightly elevated pre-heated oven temp but I'm not baking it tonight and wondering if it's best to let  it rise overnight at room tempt or put it in the fridge? Will a 24 hour rise time in the fridge do damage to the dough?



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the fridge would be better for 24 hours.  Just make sure it is covered in plastic to keep the moisture in.   It might explode on the counter.

The extra time might add to the flavor too. 

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This is what I did, with a towel on top. The container I used is much larger than the ancitipated volume of the risen dough.

Thanks :)

Usually I do the rise and then the proofing in the fridge.


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Put it in the fridge but know that it will take several hours to show good activity again once you take it out of the fridge just make sure you give the loaves enough time to come back and rise. I actually have gone to letting the shaped loaves proof in the fridge overnight. Works very well and allows the loaves to develop a lot more flavor without getting too sour.  

Hope this helps!