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do I need brotform to make soup bowl ?

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do I need brotform to make soup bowl ?


I purchased this 5.5 brotform for 13$ and made the sourdough soup bowl that you see in the pictures which was awesoe. Is there is a way to make the same bowl shape without the brotform ?? otherwise i have to buy 5 of them :( lol 

I tried to put it on a cermiac soup bowl and dusted with flour but it didn't come off and teared up. 

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That looks like it was a pretty sturdy dough; if you shape it good and tight, you can probably proof right-side up (on parchment, no brotform required). There's only one way to find out - give it a try, and please let up know how it worked!

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How did you make the bowl in your picture? I'd love to try this and luckily have 2 brotforms ..which is all I'd need :)

As for you unsuccessfully trying a ceramic bowl ..perhaps you could try a small basket lined with linen dusted with brown rice flour?

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I get perfect shapes baking in a small springform.

I use a bigger springform for boules :)




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I use small tupperware type containers dusted with flour and have had great results.

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1-I did try it on parchment paper and it did work good but I didn't get to rise high but I will try it again with larger dough ( I used 0.5 lb)

2- I used round brotform and shaped the dough into round shape and let it prove in the brotform. 

3- How do you use the springform ? do you have any pictures of your bowls ? 

4- I will try the tupperware :D 

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I use the springform to do the last proof AND bake.  :)