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Some input on my first sourdough croissant attempt,please....

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Some input on my first sourdough croissant attempt,please....

Hello again,

I haven't been on here in ages but it is so great to be back and have some time to peruse again and benefit from all the wisdom gathered here. A few months back I used TXFarmer's excellent write up to try my frist batch of croissants. They tasted delicious and I was so glad to have such a thorough step-by-step tutorial,but,of course,they were far from perfect. It is finally cool enough to try this again-I have only one photo of the last batch,but would really welcome some comments....not sure why the interior is the way it is. Did I possibly not chill the dough long enough between passes?

I am also working on another batch of Horst Bandel's Pumpernickel........if there is any significant improvement over the last time I made it, I will post the results here.

Hope to be around more again :)


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They look super duper!  Well done.  I can't help you with your question since I have never attempted them.  Someone will probably answer your question.

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Thanks for the compliment! We will see how the next batch turns out over the weekend :)

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croissants in the summer in Phoenix. Yours turned out way better than mine.  But once the winter comes we will give it another shot or two.

Nice baking