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What's your favourite way of eating sourdough?

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What's your favourite way of eating sourdough?

What do you guys like to put on your sourdough or dip it in?


I've discovered salty butter and dipping it in spinach dip but would love to hear what others like. 

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to enjoy bread for breads sake, I like it plain.  If it really good bread, it will still be delicious with no adornment.


after that, maybe a little butter.


as for spinach dip, i dont care what the bread is as the bread only a vehicle to get as much spinach dip in my mouth as possible 





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I agree. The best way to determine if it's good bread is can you eat it naked. Oh, come on! the bread naked, not you. If you're naked when you're eating bread, we don't want to know about it!

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it has to be with butter! is, but I also love basil or sun dried tomato pesto.

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toasted always seems to accent flavours or is it flavors(american ) Sorry , just trying to lighten up some of the threads.  What if you can bake breads but can't spell or write?.  This is a great site. I spend a lot of time here and am enjoying and gaining confidence...using lots of the recipes and ideas.  Thanks!

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Sourdough bread make especially good panini ! I don't quite agree with some who reduce bread in their view to a 'vehicle' when you eat it any other way than plain. I bake bread often, in great variety and attention to detail. We eat it plain, with butter, as a side and as most delicious sandwiches. The friends with whom I share our bread eat it who-knows-how and that is good that way ... as long as everybody enjoys it.



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Ruth Redburn

     Doesn't anyone like to eat it dipped in good Virgin Oolive oil with perhaps some oregano andparmesan sprinkled on the oil and mixed in?           Ruth Redburn

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Olive oil is great on any homemade bread.
We love to eat any of our breads toasted in the morning to go with the eggs we've just collected from our hens. Almost any morning my husband will say "This is the best bread you ever made and these are the best eggs". I tell him he said the same thing about every other loaf or any other eggs. He says "But this is the best". I'm not complaining.                                                                                                                                                                           weavershouse

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Fresh out of the oven with Brummel and Brown is the way for me.  :)

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I never put butter on bread, except for sourdough. For some reason it seems to need sweet, unsalted butter.

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A glass of wine makes it good too, especially at bedtime.  Wendy likes butter tough.