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nancy silverton and baker's percentage

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nancy silverton and baker's percentage


i have been trying to figure out how to convert nancy silverton breads to a smaller amount of starter.

she calls for 12-21 ounces per recipe and it seems so much! If i am scaling using baker's percentage-how do i figure in the starter?


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I believe that Silverton uses a starter of about 188% hydration.  My first starter was made by her procedure; she used equal volume flour and water ratio.



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In her La Brea Bakery book, she specifies feeding amounts by weight, and they are proportional to 11 oz of flour and 16 oz of water, which results in a starter with 145% hydration.

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If it were me, I'd calculate what percentage of the flour was being used from the original recipe to figure out how much starter to use.

eg: if the original recipe calls for 400gms starter and 500gm flour and I wanted to use only 300gm flour (not counting the flour in the starter), that would be using 60% of everything in the original recipe. So that would mean using 240gms starter.

At least I think that's right.