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Big Thanks to Everyone At TFL!!

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Big Thanks to Everyone At TFL!!

Wow! I just want to thank everyone for helping to answer all my questions and making the website a great place for knowledge on learning how to bake bread. So, I have only been on the trail 5 weeks now but I have successfully avoided most errors and improved one the ones I've made.

The reason for my joy today is that I successfully completed not only the sourdough starter, which in my mind was a big achievement, but I made delicious baguettes from proth5's recipe. A lot of my friends poke fun because I enjoy making bread. Perhaps because they only know me as a 25 year old man's man, former Marine who fishes, hunts, and likes to throw back some beers. But, what's really humorous is when they taste it they no longer poke fun.

Oh, and one thing I learned, since this is my first time with sourdough, what a difference in the way it acts compared to instant or active dry yeast.

I know the shaping still needs works and the scoring, but hey, if the average is right I still have about 50 years to work on it. Anyways here are some pictures of my triumph today!

Top batch was 75% hydration with KA AP a tad bit of KA WW.

2nd batch was all KA AP at 65% hydration.



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Great work for someone with only 5 weeks behind them.  In the days ahead as you work on all this bread stuff you will have incredible loaves......... in short order.


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They are BEAUTIFUL!! I love those ears!! (I think thats what they are called) I too am still learning....and was well on my way to an amazing starter make with Sprouted wheat but my husband didn't notice I had moved it to the back side of the stove for a few minutes (I forgot and left it there) and being it was near the vent of the oven, it cooked my I have to start over.  I am still a little scared of starter...but I am determined to make my way through!! Congratulations on your acheivement!! They are GORGEOUS!!


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I, too, thought creating a starter was a monumental task, but now that it's going the uneasiness is slowly subsiding. Like I've seen so many times on this site "there is absolutely no substitute for experience." Keep at it and I'm sure you'll have an awesome starter in no time. Plus all the help here on TFL makes it easier.