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Just Prairie Gold Whole Wheat for Bread?

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Bread Head

Just Prairie Gold Whole Wheat for Bread?

I just found this Wheat Montana Prairie Gold 100% Whole Wheat Flour at Walmart.  

I was wondering if I could use just this flour in my bread and not add any bread flour or all purpose flour?  Since it is saying "high protein" 

I usually mix about 90% all purpose flour with 10% whole wheat flour in my breads I make -(No Knead and Tartine)


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I bake with flour home-milled from the wheat from which this comes (Wheat Montana Prairie Gold Wheat also bought from WalMart).  The wheat is white hard spring wheat, which is good quality for bread-making.  You may have to add a little more water than you have been, and give it a little more time to soak up the water, because 100% whole wheat needs that.

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Postal Grunt

I can't comment on a 100% Prairie Gold loaf but I have used it up to 33% with no difficulties. You will, as MangoChutney said, have to adjust your water content. Overall, it's a fine product that I enjoy using.

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I mill my own Prairie Gold all of the time and use it without BF or AP.  I also do not use any dough conditioners or gluten when using 100% whole grains.

As MangoChutney stated - it needs more water and soaking.  I would recommend looking at Peter Reinhart's book Whole Grain Breads if you can as the recipes in it produce phenomenal whole wheat loaves.

Have fun!


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Bread Head

Thanks Janet.

I sent you a message.

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I use PG only in my bread and get rave reviews. Like Janet, I do not use any BF, AP or dough conditioners. I do recommend an autolyse (not sure of the spelling) to get the best gluten development.. They also carry hard winter and spring red wheats as well as soft wheat for other baking.

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I bake routinely with 100% home milled wheat montana.  It does need to be mixed at higher %hydration though.  I have used up to 90% with good result and proly could go higher.  Typically use 87% as a compromise.  I soak like overnight, as is suggest by PR, at about 100% hydartion then autolyse the balance of the flour in the next morning with the starter.  On first strech and old I fold in the salt.  Gives a nice open crumb, oven spring and chewy crust.