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Can't find sourdough pancake recipe?

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Bread Head

Can't find sourdough pancake recipe?

I am looking to try a sourdough pancake recipe, preferably AnnieT's I read on one of the posts.  But can't find the recipe??

I maintain a Tartine starter.  Discard and feed it every morning.  I want to use the discarded portion instead of wasting it.  I know it is not much to throw away (around 40grams) but it feels wasteful.

Can I make pancakes from this type of starter? 


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Was it this thread?

Any sourdough starter will work for sourdough pancakes.  You just need to adjust for different hydration levels.  That is pretty easy to do for a batter.

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Bread Head

I never found this thread, but I guess this is AnnieT recipe?


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Hi BreadHead, yes this is "my" recipe and I only wish I knew who to thank for it because I can't recall where I found it. The other week I tried eyeballing the recipe with too much starter and the pancakes were awful, or maybe the starter was too vigorous. I use a little cookie scoop to measure out silver dollar sized pancakes and the girls eat them as fast as I can make them. Hope you will try the recipe, A.

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What I've used is just 2 cups starter (100% hydration), 1 egg, 2TB sugar, a half teaspoon of salt and 2TB melted butter. Mix up 1tsp baking soda in about 2TB warm water, then stir that in. It will bubble up and get thicker. If your starter is really thick, you can add buttermilk, milk or water until you get the desired consistency.

Cook on a greased 400˚ griddle or skillet until the bubbles set, then flip and cook the second side for about half the time the first side took. They're delicious!


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I like to make fruit pikelets (freeform crumpets) with a sourdough discard.

Whenever I make these I'm always amazed just how tasty these are. For such little effort the rewards are great:

Recipe and pics are here on my blog:

Cheers, Paul

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Hi I have been using this recipe for 3-4 years . It is on Mikes  Sourdough home web page. So easy and quick to prepare

   Enjoy   Mr. Bob

Click Here for the web page