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"english muffin bread"

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"english muffin bread"

I have been enjoying this recipe of "English Muffin Bread" which I found here:

It has a very nice texture for toast, open crumb, chewy inside, crunchy outside.

The ingredients seem like a 'lean' bread, but you seem to handle the dough more like a quick bread: just mixing until shaggy, letting it rise once and then dumping it into prepared pans and letting it rise again. The recipe states that it isn't supposed to rise past the rim of the pans, likely because it has very little structure to it.

I am wondering how I might add more flavour to the bread by having a cold rise. One time I tried to put it in the fridge overnight, and it overproofed, and was pouring out of the pans by morning.

Any suggestions on how I could modify this to take advantage of more flavour development during a cold rise?

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I would reduce the amount of yeast in the bread by about 1/3 and you should be okay with an overnight rise in the refrigerator.

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is a quick and easy way to have that craggy, soft and chewy English Muffin taste without the frying part. Though it won't replace my well loved approximations of circles, I will bake this again. Thin slices stood up (didn't get mushy or fall apart) with mini hamburgers, sort of rectangular sliders.

Next time I won't put quite so much cornmeal in the pan, maybe just on the bottom to give it that E M smell. Although the recipe says three pans, I had enough dough for only two "just to the top of the rim when done" size. No complaints though.


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I printed it out, will try next week.